What inspires you?

Hello fellow writers!

Writing is a fantastic way to unleash your creative self. I love it because it gives me the power to explore new worlds, visit places I’ve never been, create interesting characters, tell the stories that lie within me, and hopefully- touch others.

I believe that the most important ingredient to great writing is inspiration. Inspiration that touches you, and motivates you to write that story, that song, or that poem. It all starts with the inspiration.

inspiration (1)

So my question to you writers is this: What is your inspiration? Where does it come from? What inspires you to write?

I have found that I gather inspiration from a variety of sources- from things I’ve seen, people I know, people watching, music, and my own personal experience. Out of all of those sources, I have come to find that the stories that I am passionate about the most are the ones that were inspired by my own personal experiences- my own life. If something or someone touches my heart, then it drives me to use that bit of inspiration and create a whole new world around it- a story. I love these people/events that have inspired me to write. Most of the time, I don’t follow these personal experiences exactly, I take the “Based on” approach. I like to add my own twist to them, but at the same time, remaining true the roots of the story and what inspired it.

Okay, so that’s what I have to say about inspiration! What inspires you?

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